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9/25 *sold out

Get ready for a sold out class! This FREE class is to bring together our local hair community while benefiting our entire local community. 

I am so excited to share with you all this amazing opportunity! I will be doing two separate looks on two models. One of them will be an express/partial blonding service and the other ... well, you'll just have to wait and see! Its a lived-in look and learn.

I have been many places in my career, and for a long time I couldn't afford to go to classes. While this class is technically "free", there's just one requirement for entry. Participants must donate $10 minimum to Sacred Heart Community Services in San Jose. 

date: 9/25 10a-3p

location: the studio los gatos 

investment: $10 minimum donation to sacred heart -- this class is sold out. 

to get a ticket, send a screenshot of your receipt to me on instagram @bayareabeautyengineer

This class sold out in 3 hours-- keep an eye out for the next one!






Group classes just not enough of a deep dive for you? Are you a hairstylist seeking guidance on how to create stunning hair looks efficiently and effortlessly? If you're feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed, rest assured that you're not alone. I've been there, too.

Imagine being a highly efficient stylist with the ability to create flawless hair colors and extensions that leave clients in awe. Envision yourself enjoying a comfortable and balanced lifestyle while maintaining a high demand for your exceptional techniques. This vision can become your reality.


How to get there ^^^: Introducing my exclusive personalized shadowing program specifically designed for motivated hairstylists like you. As a lived-in blonding expert and hair extension specialist, I will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to achieve remarkable hair transformations step by step. Say farewell to confusion and embrace the confidence that comes with expertise.

Within my program, you will gain access to custom techniques for crafting beautiful colors and seamless extensions. Not only will you be able to deliver stunning results, but you will also accomplish this with greater efficiency, saving invaluable time without compromising quality.

After 13 years in the industry and growing my behind the chair income to over 350K annually, I am committed to sharing these invaluable insights with hairstylists like you, who are eager to exceed expectations and unlock their full potential.

It's time to transition from feeling unsure and overwhelmed to becoming an empowered and sought-after stylist with a soft girl lifestyle. Embark on this transformational journey by joining my personalized shadowing program today, and let's bridge the gap between uncertainty and confidence, inefficiency and mastery, and ordinary and exceptional.

>>Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to become the hairstylist who consistently delivers breathtaking results while enjoying the rewards of a fulfilling career. The time to elevate your skills and enhance your life is now.

this one day program takes you through an entire day behind the chair and can be personalized to the type of clients you want to see. don't want to see extensions? cool, it'll be a color day. obsessed with inches? I got you too.

days available: w-f

investment: $998

ready to go? lets do this. text 6503837006 and we can set up your shadow day asap! 

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